Certificate of Need Applications (throughout the State of Michigan)

CT scanner in hospital with patient

CT scanner in hospital with patient

Medical facilities in Michigan are required to obtain certificates of need from the state before purchasing certain equipment.

The process of obtaining these certificates of need is actually quite involved and requires a degree of experience.  The process begins with a letter of intent, which states basic information about the facility applying for the certificate of need. Shortly afterwards, the state opens an application specifically for that facility and the equipment that the facility wishes to purchase.   Collecting the information to fill in the application takes some time, filling in the application takes some time.  The state of Michigan charges a $3,000 application fee.  Shortly after the application is submitted the state of Michigan will request any information it believes is missing, after this there is usually a 180 review period (this can be accelerated if the applicant pays $1,000 to expedite, however it is uncertain how much time will be gained–this depends on the CON review workload).

Close to the end of the review period the applicant will likely receive follow-up questions to finish the application or clarify any unclear information.  Very close to the end of the 180 period, the applicant will receive a “proposed decision” letter, and a few days later the applicant usually receives a final signed decision letter.

James Law PLLC has been working to obtain certificates of need for two years, primarily for dental offices obtaining CT scanners.  We can help clients throughout the state of Michigan.

The process of obtaining a Certificate of Need takes several months, so if you wish to obtain one please contact us today to get the ball rolling.

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