I am writing you because last year I did a CON application for you that was accepted, and now other paperwork is required.
Every approved CON needs to file a PIPR (Project Implementation Progress Report) form.  This is separate from the initial completed and accepted CON application, and is therefore billable separately. The PIPR is a form to show that the project has been implemented.  (form available here).  The PIPR form is free to file.
Another separate issue, we need to file an Annual Survey which is due in two weeks (by April 29).  This is also separate from the initial application, and must be completed yearly.  I believe that you have received information directly from the state of Michigan regarding the Annual Survey.  The website to use to file this annual survey is here.  The annual survey filing fee is $100.
The PIPR takes a couple of hours to do.  The annual survey should take less than an hour.
If you would like me to do these forms for you, please send me answers to the following questions:
1) What was the date of your first scan?
2) Please send your Radiation Registration Certificate
3) Please provide an invoice stating that your CT scanner has been installed.
Annual Survey/Medicaid:
1) Did this site participate in the Medicaid program during 2015?
2) Did you treat at least one Medicaid patient?
3) Have you treated one or more patients without the ability to pay?
I may have other questions as I fill in the forms.  If you have any questions or concerns please call me.
Thank you,